Family Office India
Family Office – It is said that you need to experience certain things to understand them thoroughly. Any office is one such place where certain things are inevitable. With an office comes discipline, skills of the staff working there, equipment in an office, office ambiance, processes etc. An office works efficiently by having all the...
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Financial Plan
About 3 years back, a well-established architect friend of mine has been avoiding getting his financial plan done at least for the last 2 years. During this period, he saw me working on plans of many of clients. Being a friend I did not want to mix friendship and profession, hence I never insisted him...
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Investing Emotions
One of my clients called me sounding grave concerns about market volatility. He was of the opinion that he should have withdrawn the money invested in equities when markets were at the top. However, he was not willing to understand that he is talking about the actions of past in future. In a nutshell, he...
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Investment Planning India
What does your routine Life activities teach you about Investments? There is no rocket science about Investments and investment planning. It’s a subject of common sense and has a similarity with many day-to-day life situations. Let’s see some common situations of day to day life and Investment decisions can be related to those situations. Suppose...
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How to Get rich in India?
Are you Ready to Create Wealth? The last stage of financial life is Wealth Creation stage. You can safely assume that you are in Wealth Creation stage if you have taken care of all items listed above in Goal Planning Stage, but need to plan for things listed below- You have already taken care of life...
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How to get Rich part 1?
Human lives are considered to be divided into various stages based on our biological age. Important 3 stages are Childhood, Adolescence, and Adulthood. During all these 3 stages our requirements in terms of life management are different. During childhood it is important to cultivate and develop basic things of a child; like building his/her immunity, creating a strong...
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How to Save Tax
Save tax and create Wealth by investing in ELSS fund. Watch the following video to know about ELSS.
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How to Save Money?
What is your Money Personality? Are you a Spender? or a Saver? or an Investor? Money Personality: Spender It is said that our behavior drives our fate. More so; when it comes to the use of money. Different personalities have different spending habits. We shall learn about 3 Money Personalities – Spender, Saver and Investor....
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