Scholarly Max

Scholarly Max

This FundBox is specifically designed for creating corpus for the Higher Education of your child subject to you start investing early for this goal. If you want higher returns and aiming to create great corpus for your child’s higher studies, this FundBox is for you.

Asset Allocation in this FundBox is primarily into Equities (around 96%).

Returns in this FundBox can be volatile at times and depend on performance of share market. Being aggressive, it can generate high returns over long term but can sometimes show negative returns in short run, if the markets are not performing well.

This FundBox is designed for a long-term investment with minimum time frame of 8 years and above.

Though short-term withdrawal is not advisable, you can withdraw money from this FundBox at any time after investing, as there is no lock in period. You can get money in your bank in 3 to 5 working days.

Exit load differs from scheme to scheme. Few schemes may have an exit load up to 1% of the withdrawal amount. Please check the scheme details.