Mutual Fund (MF)


Mutual Fund collects money on behalf of small investors, investing it into different asset classes according to investment objective and risk appetite. Investor has an option to invest in equity, debt, gold through mutual funds. Some funds also offer international exposure.

One can achieve disciplined approach and diversification of risk at the same time. It is the best instrument which offers the opportunity for small investors-to invest in equity asset class with lower risk as compared to direct equity exposure.

‘Bonvista’ has a strong backbone in terms of research team who will help to you to select appropriate mutual funds. The research team has devised FundBox; ready-to-invest Mutual Fund Combo.

FundBox contains various combos suitable to different needs of investors viz. Risk Appetite, Investing Time-frame, Investment Amount, SIP or Lumpsum investment etc.

You can choose suitable FundBox & invest in a few minutes.

For your personalized needs we are always available to discuss across the table and satisfy all your investment needs.