Secure Plus

Secure Plus

This is the second FundBox in the Secure family. This FundBox is designed for investors desiring balanced approach between risk & returns. It has potential to provide better portfolio stability with high returns compared to traditional investments such as FD. Its design strategy focuses primarily on asset allocation.

Asset Allocation in this FundBox is balanced between equity (around 40%) & debt (around 50%) but also contains Gold, and Cash to provide stability & returns.

Returns in this FundBox are expected to be moderate as it has a mix of all assets. Designed for a lower volatility and moderate risk.

This FundBox is designed for a medium to long-term investment with a minimum time frame of 4 years and above.Though short-term withdrawal is not advisable, you can withdraw money from this FundBox at any time after investing, as there is no lock-in period. You can get money in your bank in 3 to 5 working days.

Exit load differs from scheme to scheme. Few schemes may have an exit load up to 1% of the withdrawal amount. Please check the scheme details.