Stunning Vacation

Stunning Vacation

Are you tired of routine work and want to plan a perfect Family Vacation? First thing you need for Vacation is ‘Money’. And for that you need to plan. This is the right place for you for Vacation Planning.

This FundBox will help to accumulate money for your perfect vacation within 1 to 3 years. It focuses majorly on safety of capital.

Since this FundBox is short term in nature, it invests in safe (less volatile) mutual funds such as Asset Allocator Fund & Conservative Hybrid Funds.

FundBox is designed for a short period up to 3 years. But you can stay invested as long as you wish.

You can expect this FundBox to generate returns better than a Savings account.

Exit load differs from scheme to scheme. Few schemes may have an exit load up to 1% of the withdrawal amount. Please check the scheme details.