PGIM India Mutual Fund

PGIM India Mutual Fund

PGIM India Mutual Fund (earlier known as DHFL Pramerica Mutual Fund) is a fully owned business of PGIM. The global investment management business of the US based Prudential Financial, Inc. (PFI). With its operations present in the US, Asia, Europe and Latin America, PFI has provided customers an array of products and services. It includes services like life insurance, annuities, mutual funds, investment management and retirement-related services.

PGIM is the global investment management business of PFI. PFI, short for Prudential Financial Inc, is one of the top 10 investment managers. It has over USD 1.4 trillion in asset under management (AUM). PGIM operates across 16 countries and has 38 offices with over 1,300+ investment professionals. Moreover, it offers a wide range of actively managed asset classes and investment styles including Equities, Fixed Income and Real Estate.


PGIM India Asset Management is a full-service investment manager that offers a broad range of equity and fixed income solutions to retail and institutional investors throughout the country across equity, debt and hybrid categories along with international fund of fund schemes. It manages 19 open-ended funds operated by 18 investment professionals. In addition to managing its investors assets through domestic Mutual Funds, they also extend to offer Offshore Funds and Portfolio Management Services. The fund house leverages PGIM’s 140-year legacy through the use of the strength and stability to build on its decade long history in India.

Some key highlights

  • PGIM has a network of 27 cities
  • Tie up with more than 8000 distributor
  • Strong institutional relationship of over 1500 connections
  • 4 of PGIM’s portfolios have been rated AAAmfs by ICRA
  • To come up with a tax-efficient portfolio for its investors, PGIM has created differentiated asset allocation solutions