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ROBO Advisory in India: Introduction, Key Features & Characteristics

Within the ever-changing realm of finance, “Technology” is significantly transforming conventional thinking. Robo-advisory is a disruptive force that is becoming more and more popular in India. This cutting-edge method of wealth management is completely changing the way people invest and make financial plans for the future.

In this blog, we will examine the history, distinctive characteristics, and wider investor implications of the Robo-advisory industry in India.

Introduction of Robo Advisory in India

The early 21st century saw the fusion of technology and finance give rise to a new idea known as automated investment advising services, which originated as Robo-advisories. The original models aimed to decrease the need for human financial advisors by using algorithms to streamline portfolio design and rebalancing.

The idea gained popularity in India as a result of the country’s shifting demographics and growing demand for easily accessible financial planning. The increase in internet usage and smartphone usage created an ideal environment for Robo-advisory services to flourish.

Key Features of Robo Advisory in India

All-inclusive Availability of Financial Knowledge

Platforms for Robo-advisors have made financial knowledge more accessible to anyone. They offer services to novice investors as well as more experienced ones. Empowerment to investors to make knowledgeable judgments by easily navigable interfaces and informative resources.

Accuracy due to Algorithmic

The fundamental components of Robo-advisory are algorithms, which allow for the accurate analysis of market trends, risk profiles, and personal financial objectives. Rather than relying just on gut feelings, this data-driven method grounds investing decisions in statistical precision.

Risk Management and Diversification

Robo-advisors create diverse portfolios, which helps them be excellent at managing risk. These platforms aim to balance possible risks and optimize returns by strategically allocating assets, matching the investment strategy to the investor’s risk tolerance.


The high costs associated with traditional financial advising services prevent many people from using them. Conversely, Robo-advisors have reduced operating costs, which means that investors can save money. This affordability is a big appeal for anyone looking for financial advice without going over budget.

Ongoing Development

The underlying technology of Roboto-advisory is dynamic. These platforms’ ability to react to market dynamics, integrate machine learning, and continuously innovate gives them the flexibility to change with the financial environment.

 Characteristics of Robo-Advisory in India

  • Being online, it is accessible 24/7 to investors, no matter the amount of portfolio.
  • As it is without any human interaction, the fees are lesser & the Robo advisors are much cheaper than the traditional advisors.
  • Every transaction in the portfolio can be instructed efficiently & effectively and hence, it is an easy & intuitive feature that allows a comfortable user experience

Robo Advisors offers following services

Every company in this industry has user-friendly, interactive platforms that catalog personal information such as objectives, goals, income, and profile, but also efficiently keep track of all the specifics of previous financial transactions.

Upon creating an account, a sequence of questions is used to complete a thorough risk profile, which includes an inventory of one’s investments, obligations, and assets.

Goal and portfolio trackers are included with every online platform to assist individuals in keeping track of their goals and determining if they are on track to meet their objectives on time.

If someone is not progressing as planned, the automatic system recommends adjustments to reach the target.

The algorithm helps the individual decide what needs to be added to the portfolio or sold, even in situations when there may be a new investment that may be considered because of more income or because there is an urgent need based on tax consequences.

In addition, when an individual approaches the predefined objective or aim, a periodic portfolio review determines whether the user needs to rearrange their portfolio.

Restrictions to Robotic Advisory Growth in India

Although Robo-advisory has great potential, we need to strategically address some limitations. It is important to give serious thought to the legal environment around these platforms, investor distrust, and the requirement for individualized guidance in complicated financial situations.

Ensuring a strong and safe environment requires cooperation amongst industry stakeholders, regulators, and the IT community.

To Sum Up

In India, there are various Robo-advisory companies. Though it is getting popular as compared to foreign countries, India is lagging.  Two of the reasons are to lack of awareness and new investors. Over time, Robo-advisors will undoubtedly be successful in India.

To have the best solution, investors must understand the purpose and change and review the model appropriately.

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