Personal Finance
Bonds & Debentures
Bonds and debentures, both fall under the debt category in investment. There are some differences between these two. We can say that all debentures can be considered bonds, however, all bonds are not debentures. Both investment products are used to generate income, from an investor’s point of view. Similarly, from a company’s or Government’s perspective, bonds...
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Personal Finance learnings from Bollywood Movies
Movies are an inseparable part of our entertainment world. Movies can make us laugh, cry and can make us scared. But, apart from just entertainment, there are a lot of things which we can learn from movies such as courage from ‘Raazi’, real meaning of success from ‘3 Idiots’, patriotism from ‘URI’, determination from ‘Mary...
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personal finance
For most of us personal finance means doing some investment in Mutual Funds, FDs or Shares and having couple of insurance policies. It mostly doesn’t go beyond that. Some of us who are more aware, deliberate on type of insurance policy they should have, kind of mutual funds they should buy or maximum amount of...
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 Measuring our own financial fitness is scary. Why? Because it tells us about our own financial misdeeds. And exactly this is why measuring financial health becomes inevitable. They say- What gets measured gets Managed. So, to manage better, measure first.   What is financial fitness? Doctors measure your Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar etc....
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How to avoid Loans?
Is Loan Good or Bad? Watch the following video to know if the loan is good or bad
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