Which is the best mutual fund to invest currently for high returns within 2 to 3 years?

Investment in Mutual Funds has a lot of dynamics involved in it. Before advising investment in Mutual Funds we carry out Risk Profiling of the client. Risk Profiling helps us understand his thought process towards money. It also helps us understand his money priorities. So while deciding a Mutual Fund portfolio we take into consideration many aspects such as Risk Profiling, age, Goal duration, Economic scenario, market conditions etc.

However, to answer your question just taking into consideration the time frame of 2–3 years as mentioned by you, I would suggest you go for Mutual Fund products which have majority part of Debt and Arbitrage and a very small part of Equity. This brings us down to the following category of funds-

Regular Savings funds which usually have up to 20% of equity exposure

Medium Term Debt Funds which have no exposure to equities

Equity Savings Funds which has dynamic exposure to equity, debt and arbitrage

All above fund categories have their own nuances which can only be dealt with once we understand all other details of the investor.

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