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This is what you will get in this advisory Application

  • 1. Full view of Advisory application without any restrictions
  • 2. Complete access to prime cash model portfolio
  • 3. Additional fast moving stock recommendations
  • 4. Analysis of the stocks recommended along with chart
  • 5. Nifty view along with chart

A Powerful Share Market Trading & Investment Tool For Every Investor

  • An Advisory Application which has all that is required for stock trading / investing at one place.
  • Get trading recommendations and analysis including charts with proper reasoning
  • A Model Portfolio to trade systematically with proper Risk and Money Management.
  • Add on (apart from model portfolio) recommendations to take a trade on your own.
  • Broader market views on periodic basis. Updates on Nifty along with charts.
  • Fast Moving cash (delivery) recommendations for quick gains.
  • SEBI register Research Analyst ­ a strong analytical background.

Advisory Application

Advisory Application is an online tool which provides you the ready recommendations and analysis of the stocks. You get a Model Portfolio named as Prime Cash Model Portfolio. Apart from Model Portfolio, we also provide additional stocks recommendations. All this comes with detailed analysis and reasoning along with the chart images to explain the logic. Fundamentally strong stocks picked at attractive levels to gain fast returns. Short to medium term stocks from cash segment is our focus. Very easy to use and monitor without any disturbance in your daily routine. For more details or help call us +91-9371444875

Features :

View Prime Cash Performance
  • A comprehensive application all at one place. You get a model portfolio as well as detailed analysis and reasoning.
  • Prime Cash Model Portfolio is part of Advisory Application meant for traders / investors who do not wish get into the details of analysis, wish to follow ready portfolio and want to earn steady returns year on year.
  • Add on Recommendations is for savy investors who wish to mange portfolio on their own with own rules for money and risk management. We shall keep on supplying fast moving stocks are attractive level.
  • In the days to come we also intend to provide detailed analysis of Nifty to understand overall market picture.
  • Multibagger Stocks will be provided from Large Cap, Mid cap as well as from Small cap segments
  • Recommendations in liquid scrip's will be given
  • Calls in Cash segment will be provided from short to medium term perspective
  • Well researched stocks filtered from the basket to earn maximum profits

How to use

  • Login with your user name and password
  • Check for today's recommendations
  • Buy the stock at market opening

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We are provding multiple services in Equity segment.

Our Services :- 1) Advisory in Equity

                           2) Equity portfolio management (Long term)

                         3) Training on Stock market Technical Analysis


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