FundBox FAQ

FundBox is a Combo of two or more Mutual Fund schemes. Each FundBox is designed with specific purpose. There is FundBox for investing for your goals such as Child Education, Retirement or for short term goals such as Vacation Planning.

You can invest in FundBox as a Lumpsum or as SIP. Lumpsum is one time investment. SIP is monthly investment.

FundBox allows you to generate an online Mandate. With this mandate in place your bank will send money to Mutual Funds every month on the decided date.

Yes, you can invest in individual schemes. This you can do from Mutual Funds section. Choose the scheme suitable for you and just click on invest.

Yes. The amount is automatically invested in various schemes of that FundBox in the defined proportion

We shall assign you an ID and Password using which you can login to our reports section. In reports section you can check Current Valuation Report, Transaction Report or Taxation related reports such as Capital Gains Report.

You have been given a facility withdraw partial amount or full amount. In the Portfolio section, you can redeem your existing investment.

Yes. You can make an Additional Purchase in any FundBox. This provision is given in the Portfolio section of the FundBox.