Wealth Creation
Mutual Fund
Various types of Mutual Funds schemes exist to cater to different needs of different people. Largely there are three types mutual funds. Equity or Growth Funds These invest predominantly in equities i.e. shares of companies The primary objective is wealth creation or capital appreciation. Examples: 1. “Large Cap” funds which invest predominantly in companies that...
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How to Get rich in India?
Are you Ready to Create Wealth? The last stage of financial life is Wealth Creation stage. You can safely assume that you are in Wealth Creation stage if you have taken care of all items listed above in Goal Planning Stage, but need to plan for things listed below- You have already taken care of life...
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How to get Rich part 1?
Human lives are considered to be divided into various stages based on our biological age. Important 3 stages are Childhood, Adolescence, and Adulthood. During all these 3 stages our requirements in terms of life management are different. During childhood it is important to cultivate and develop basic things of a child; like building his/her immunity, creating a strong...
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