Life Insurance


Risk of life is the biggest risk a human being encounters. While you prepare your financial plan, Insurance is the first step to ensure. One needs to be very particular about it, treat it as important and protect oneself & the family immediately by obtaining adequate insurance coverage.

Remember, choosing right insurance policy is much more than just comparing different premiums.

‘Bonvista’ will help you choose right insurance policy.

Health Insurance


Health Insurance is another important kind of insurance in one’s life. Need of health insurance can be recurring. We all know that the cost of medical treatment is increasing year on year. Having a health insurance coverage will help you in facing such increasing costs without affecting your savings, investments and last-minute rush to arrange funds for the treatment. There is no rule for deciding right amount of cover, but following are the factors to be considered before taking any decision.

  • City in which you live
  • Present cost of medical treatment
  • Inflation factor
  • Number of family members

    Bonvista being your ‘Financial Doctor’, is ready to help you in choosing the right kind of Health Insurance policy, taking care of your health along with wealth.