Bonvista Equity Research :

Bonvista Equity Research is a part of Bonvista Group. Bonvista group of companies are involved into Financial Services segment. Other parts of our organization are into services like Financial Planning and Wealth Advisory. We are serving our clients since 2012.

At Bonvista Equity Research we aim to provide simple and authentic solutions to our clients. We aim to cater to that section of market who wish to invest / trade in Cash Segment to earn legitimate returns out of the market.

We have strong backbone is terms of our research team. We believe in ´no magic´ and ´no formula´ in markets. We believe in pure analysis coupled with an enhancement of winning probability. We do not believe that one needs a 90% ´Win Ratio´ to earn good returns in markets

Meaning of 'Bonvista' :

The word Bonvista is formed by combining two words. One from Latin and another from English.

Bona means 'Good'

Vista means 'Look into the future'

Bonvista means "happy future"

The opening circle of starting letter 'b' and closing circle of last letter 'a' represents balance in our financial lives.

The word 'bonvista' is written a very simple, readable and easy to understand font. This matches with our philosophy of simplicity.

The letter 'o' represents three stages of a balanced financial life. The leaf with light green color represents fresh beginning; the dark green leaf represents the middle stage during mid life stage. Finally the golden 'o' represents the fruit of systematic approach to financial life.

Vision :

"To create highest standards- in helping our clients plan their financial lives, in offering comprehensive services to them, in dealing with simplicity and authenticity"

Mission :

To help individuals and families imbibe financial discipline in their day to day life. To offer solutions that are easy to understand & practical to implement. To make the process of 'dealing with money' an enjoyable experience.